Exploring Nitrox Diving


In the world of recreational diving, brightly tagged green and yellow tanks mark the presence of oxygen-enriched air, commonly known as nitrox. Scuba divers typically use nitrox air in their tanks … Read More

Ten Tickling Octopus Facts

Hawaiian Octopus

Octopus are among our favorite marine life to see when diving in Maui waters. We see Octopus in the shallow reef, in deeper structures as well. Being masters of camouflage, … Read More

Diagnosing Scuba Regulator Leaks

scuba regulator

A regulator leak can range from a minor annoyance to something more serious. Learn how to spot, identify and fix regulator air leaks, or know when to take in for … Read More

Preventing “Hairy” Mask Leaks

Long hair or a hairy face can mean mask leaks when diving. LD Captains Elliot and Steve weigh in on preventing leaks. Plus, healthy hair tips for divers too!