A Deep Dive into Humpback Whale Facts

humpback whale

There is nothing quite as majestic as seeing a 90,000 marine mammal glide slowly and gracefully through Maui’s nearshore waters. Humpbacks spend over 90% of their lives under the surface … Read More

Why You Should Take the Family Diving

Family Scuba Diving

Family vacations are much anticipated, especially when visiting a fun-filled destination like Maui. Scuba diving is an excellent activity that family members of different ages and abilities can enjoy together … Read More

Exciting and Responsible Wreck Diving

Carthaginian wreck Maui

Many wrecks — like the Carthaginian II off the coast of Maui — bear the scars from age and divers exploring its watery recesses. This wreck was purposefully sunk to provide a … Read More

How Rare are Hawaiian Monk Seals?

Recently our diving guests and crew were treated to a Hawaiian Monk seal sighting. Friendly and curious, observing these furry, puppy-faced creatures is a delight. But just how rare was this encounter? With an estimated population of 1,200, the Hawaiian monk seal is one of the most endangered marine mammals in the world, and the rarest seal in US waters.

Maui 8-Day Dive Vacation Itinerary

Welcome to Maui, one of the world’s most amazing places for natural diversity. With 10 of the world’s 14 climate zones, you can go from exploring underwater caves or lounging on a sunny beach in the morning to hiking a jungle rain forest in the afternoon. Another day you might drive upcountry through an arid landscape to a high mountain forest and climb to the top of a 10,000-ft dormant volcano.

Should You Bring Your Dive Gear to Maui?

Your trip to Maui is booked and you are looking forward to some great diving while there. One trip planning decision is whether to pack your own scuba diving gear. Following are a few factors to take into consideration.