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Dive 3 Tank Lanai

Advanced Drift Dive Off Lanai | Unique Locations

Quick Details

Certified Diver Ages 15+ | Must Be a Certified Diver to Book Online
Ride-Along Ages 15+ | Must be booked with a diver

Dive Maui Where Few Others Will Go

Our three tank drift dive on Lanai is the staff favorite. We created this charter for the avid diver and our many returning customers. While the Lanai Cathedrals are beautiful there is so much more to see on Lanai other than those two dive sites. Our three tank charter is the only time we will go to Lanai and purposely not dive one of the Cathedrals. This gives us opportunity to explore all the other beautiful dive sites on Lanai. 

This charter is special because we are the only company on Maui that runs drift dives on Lanai. We go further around the south side of Lanai on our three tank dive then we do our regular two tank dive. This gives divers the opportunity to see part of the Lanai coastline that they may have never seen before! 

It is important to have recent dive experience before going on any drift dive. On all of our drift dives we require a minimum of 25 logged dives and at least one completed dive within the last 6 months. Drift dives are off of a live boat meaning that the boat does not tie up to a mooring and will drive away after the entire group gets in the water. The boat will return to pick up the divers at the end of the dive. This means you do not have time to do a weight check at the start of your dive so you should already know how much weight you need before doing a drift dive. We also require that each diver carries their own Surface Marker Buoy (SMB). If you do not already own a SMB there will be some available for purchase at check in. 

Dive computer and safety sausage are required equipment on this charter. Cancellations within 48 hours of departure are non-refundable.

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