Maui Overview

Exploring Maui on Your Dive Vacation

In addition to amazing underwater life, Maui is filled with natural diversity above ground. Boasting 10 of the world's 14 climate zones, you can start your day on a sunny beach, have a picnic lunch in a jungle rainforest, and end your day with a spectacular sunset on top of a 10,000 ft arid volcano. Just remember, no trips to elevation, including Upcountry or flying, within 48 hours of diving.

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Each town on Maui has its own unique flavor. As a the former whaling capital, Lahaina still retains its mariner charm. Front Street is filled with oceanside restaurants and unique shops. The historic walking tour of sites and museums is not to be missed. And of course the town is home to Lahaina Divers PADI 5-star facility, just a short walk from the harbor.

Maui Map

For suggested activities all around the island, see our 8-day dive itinerary.

Dive Sites

Lanai Dive Sites

Lanai is known for its underwater topography, caverns and swim-throughs. Listed are just a few of over 20 dive sights accessible from our boats, each offering something unique on the Lanai charter, or the adventurous drift dives on the 3-tank Lanai charter.

Molokini Map

Experience teeming wildlife in a marine preserve on the Molokini charter. This partially submerged volcanic cinder cone provides some protection from wind and wave conditions, with visibility frequently exceeding 100 ft. Along the backside is a stunning 300 ft vertical cliff, though our Back Wall dive stays at about 80 ft.

Turtle Reef Maui

Our Turtle Reef charter often focuses off of the partially submerged Mala Wharf. Sunken pier structures provide hiding places for an array of marine life, including reef sharks and abundant turtles. In adverse weather, there are a multitude of alternative dive sites to the north or south.

Hammerhead Dive Molokai

About a mile off the coast of Molokai, this Hammerhead dive site is near the Mokuho'Oniki Rock formation. A challenging channel crossing is worth the opportunity to dive with schools of hammerhead sharks (sightings typical but not guaranteed).

Purposely sunk in an environmentally safe manner off the west coast of Maui, the Carthaginian charter provides some of the finest wreck diving. The wreck is at 97 ft, is teeming with marine life, and is frequently visited by the Atlantis submarine.