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Dive Turtle Reef

Abundant Marine Life 30-35 Ft | All Skill Levels & Snorkelers

Quick Details

Certified Diver Ages 10+ | Must Be a Certified Diver to Book Online
Ride-Along Ages 10+ | Must be booked with a Certified Diver
Discover Scuba Diver Ages 10+ | Minors must be accompanied by an adult (either diver or ride-along)
OW Water Referral 1 Day Ages 10+ | Minors must be accompanied by an Adult
OW Water Referral 2 Days Ages 10+ | Minors must be accompanied by an Adult

A Sunken Pier, Rich Marine Life

Turtle Reef is our best charter for new divers or anyone who hasn’t had a chance to go diving in a while.  On this trip we will stay on the West Side of Maui so it will be a shorter boat ride to and from Lahaina Harbor.

Turtle Reef is your best opportunity to dive with turtles while in Maui.  Just because it has the easiest dive conditions does not, by any means, make it a boring dive. We see more turtles on this dive than any of our other charters. There is also a good chance you will get to see some White Tip Reef sharks,

This is our best charter for training so if you would like to take a refresher course or one of our specialty courses such as PADI Shark Conservation or Peak Performance Buoyancy this is a great boat to add this to.  

Cancellations within 48 hours of departure are non-refundable.

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