Underwater Photography Firsts

underwater photography

We’ve seen underwater photography and video advance rapidly since opening Lahaina Divers. Equipment has gotten smaller, lighter and more efficient. With different price entry points, just about anyone can take … Read More

What’s Up With Whale Sharks?

Whale shark at Molokini

Whale shark sightings are on the rise. It used to be that we would see whale sharks occasionally, while diving or underway, usually during winter months. They are a sight … Read More

Ocean Safety Tips

Maui Ocean Safety

Lahaina Divers is all about safety (including a recent rescue at sea). Here are a few ocean safety tips for times you are not diving with us.

Exploring Nitrox Diving


In the world of recreational diving, brightly tagged green and yellow tanks mark the presence of oxygen-enriched air, commonly known as nitrox. Scuba divers typically use nitrox air in their tanks … Read More

Pricing Adjustments Due to Covid-19

We want to take this opportunity to share some of the economic impact Lahaina Divers and many businesses on Maui have faced due to COVID-19. Tourism activities were among the … Read More