You Can Call Me Ray

If a large creature is gliding toward you on a dive that kind of resembles a space ship, you are likely having an encounter with one of the most interesting … Read More

Exciting and Responsible Wreck Diving

Carthaginian wreck Maui

Many wrecks — like the Carthaginian II off the coast of Maui — bear the scars from age and divers exploring its watery recesses. This wreck was purposefully sunk to provide a … Read More

Conservation Tips for Scuba Divers

Project Aware

Adventure sports participants, such as mountain climbers and wilderness campers, often have a code to live by when out in nature. Scuba divers do too. Those that are PADI certified … Read More

Corals: The Foundation of the Reef

coral reef

Interesting fishes and marine mammals seem to garner our affection when diving and doing underwater photography in Hawaii. But there is an animal that is the foundation of the reef … Read More

Learning About Shark Diving on Maui

shark diving

Often portrayed as the bad guys in coastal horror flicks, the sleek power and grace of sharks is something to appreciate when you intentionally meet one in real life. Whether … Read More