Dive Carthaginian


Dive Carthaginian

A Wreck Steeped in History

Step back in time to when Lahaina was the Whaling capital of the Pacific and dive the scurvy decks of an underwater wreck.  Just a short boat ride from Lahaina Harbor sits the sunken ship, Carthaginian II. Scuba Diving and Sport Diver magazines have rated the Carthaginian site as one of the top locations for shipwreck diving. Read on for the ship's fascinating history! Divers often see the Atlantis Submarine cruising by. Second shallower Turtle Reef dive included.

Frog FishCarthaginian Charter

A wonderful opportunity to explore a near-shore wreck, the Carthaginian charter is available each Wednesday afternoon at 12:30pm. Because of depth of 97 feet, divers must be certified and use a dive computer (ages 15+).  All minors must be accompanied at all times by an adult in your party.

$239 per diver ages 15+
Multiple day discount available
Includes two great dives. First is the deep water Carthaginian dive, and then we move to a second Turtle Reef dive location for a shallower dive teeming with marine life.

Carthaginian afternoon charters include:

  • Tanks and weights
  • Guided dive tour
  • Cold filtered water
  • An individually packaged granola or protein type bar available between and after dives
  • Due to COVID-19 restrictions, normal food service has been suspended and there is no shared cooler space available. However, guests are encouraged to bring their own nonperishable lunch or snacks and reusable water bottle.

Not included in the charter fare:

  • Scuba gear. (Available for rent)  Aqualung Core regulator with Aqualung i300 dive computer @ $14.  Aqualung Pro HD weight integrated BCD @ $9.  2 Piece wetsuit @ $9.  Snorkel set @ $9.
  • Taxes and fees. Learn more about taxes and fees.
  • Safety sausages (SMB) on advanced drift dives (Available for purchase)
  • Cancellations within 48 hours of departure are non-refundable
  • Nitrox available @ $29.95 per bottle
  • More About Rental Gear
  • Learn more about charter pricing updates

  • Nondiver ride alongs are allowed at the same price as a diver. Snorkeling is not offered at this time.

More About Diving Carthaginian

Carthaginian II MauiThe Carthaginian II was once a well-known symbol of Lahaina’s days as a 19th-century whaling port. After its purchase in 1972 by the Lahaina Restoration Foundation, the German-made ship served as a historic floating museum at the Lahaina Harbor for over 20 years. The boat was purchased as a replacement for the original ship of the same name that was used in the movie “Hawaii” filmed in 1966. That ship ran aground and was destroyed in 1972.

Carthaginian II MauiThe complicated rigging work of the second incarnation of the Carthaginian was done at the dock in Lahaina and modeled after the dimensions of the 1870 brig Marie Sophie. After serving many years, the ship was sold to the Atlantis Submarine company in 2003 and preparations to sink the ship began. It took Atlantis, along with help from Lahaina Divers, two years to prepare the ship for sinking. The Carthaginian was sunk peacefully in 2005, continuing as a beloved landmark.

Carthaginian and Atlantis SubmarineToday the Carthaginian has been slowly reclaimed by the sea and is a gathering place for ocean life. A semi-penetrable wreck, the hull is a favorite of white tip reef sharks who can often be seen resting inside. Eagle rays and dolphins are sometimes spotted passing by in the blue, while frog fish, eels, starfish and other smaller creatures stay close to the safety of the ship. Atlantis Submarine frequently runs tours that circle the ship, giving lucky divers a chance to wave at their passengers and pose for a photo with a submarine in the back drop.

Reef Shark Maui