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Career Development Internship

Quick Details

Person Includes Basic 2 Week Internship (Plus taxes and Fees)

Secure Your Dream Job

Now that you have done the IDC and MSDT preparation, do you want to make sure you get your pick of dream job opportunities? No one is more employable than a dive instructor with real world experience, training, and a good recommendation. That is what our Lahaina Divers Internship program will provide for you. You will be right along side of our crew and learn how to prepare and turn over the boats for customers, crew the boat for dives, guide dives professionally, track and service rental equipment, fill tanks and maintain the compressor, receive O2 Provider instruction, team teach to accumulate the 25 certifications needed for MSDT, and work closely with the management team to learn what goes into running a center as well as retail and marketing training.

Your Lahaina Divers Internship program is available to graduates of our IDCs and MSDT Prep programs. You can then stay on for between 2 – 8 weeks working with the team here assisting with courses, guiding dives, and general helping around the dive center. It is a great way to have some real experience on your resume. After your internship you will receive job placement assistance from our team of connections all over the world. People completing their internship program with 4 time Platinum Course Director Tim Bradley have gone on to work in the Maldives, Thailand, Roatan, the USVI, Malaysia, Hawaii, the Canary Islands, Raja Ampat, the Azores, the Philippines, and many other locations.