Dive Backwall


Dive Backwall

Sublime Vertical Dive

An advanced dive, the Molokini Backwall is a world class wall and drift dive for certified divers only. The Wall is approximately 300ft in depth, however, divers will level off at 80 ft or less. You may see white tip, black tip, and gray reef sharks, manta rays, dolphins and schooling fish. This is a very exciting dive because of the sheer, vertical wall and blue water. Plus, get a second drift dive in at the edge of the crater.

backwall Molokini

Backwall Dive

Join us Wednesday morning, checking in at 6:45am and returning around 12:30pm. Certified divers only (age 15+) with minimum of 25 dives logged and at least one dive with the last 6 months. 
$299 per diver. Multiple day discounts available
This is a drift dive for experienced divers with good buoyancy control, and must be good on air consumption. Backwall divers are required to carry a dive computer and a safety marker sausage, and should be able to re-enter boat with gear on. Minimum number of dives and recent diving experience required.

Backwall Molokini Crater charters include:
  • Tanks and weights
  • Guided dive tour
  • Cold filtered water
  • An individually packaged granola or protein type bar available between and after dives
  • Due to COVID-19 restrictions, normal food service has been suspended and there is no shared cooler space available. However, guests are encouraged to bring their own nonperishable lunch or snacks and reusable water bottle.

Not included in the charter fare:

  • Scuba gear. (Available for rent)  Aqualung Core regulator with Aqualung i300 dive computer @ $14.  Aqualung Pro HD weight integrated BCD @ $9.  2 Piece wetsuit @ $9.  Snorkel set @ $9.
  • Taxes and fees. Learn more about taxes and fees.
  • Safety sausages (SMB) on advanced drift dives (Available for purchase)
  • Cancellations within 48 hours of departure are non-refundable
  • Nitrox not available on this dive due to depth of dive.
  • More About Rental Gear
  • Learn more about charter pricing updates

  • Nondiver ride alongs are allowed at the same price as a diver. However, ride alongs are not recommended on this drift dive charter. Snorkeling is not offered at this time.

molokini backwall diver

MolokiniMore About Diving Off Molokini

Molokini is a partially sunken volcanic cone, with pristine conditions inside the crater, including visibility over 100 feet. However, our first dive takes us outside the crater, to the dramatic back wall. A towering 200 foot above-water cliff drops to over 300 feet below the surface, creating one of the top wall dives. Our dive hovers around 80 feet, with a view of the islet wall descending into the deep blue below.

Diver and Manta Ray

Because the backwall is open to the deep ocean, a variety of pelagic marine life might swim by. In addition to schools of fish, it is not unusual to see dolphins, mantas, and sharks. November through April, there is a good chance to hear humpback whales underwater, and experience these gentle giants while going to and from the dive site.

diver and dolphinsThe second drift dive takes you to the other edge of the backwall, along the submerged crater (weather permitting). Molokini Crater has been a Marine Life Conservation District (MLCD) since the summer of 1977 and features the most pristine hard coral reefs in Hawaii. In addition to colorful reef fish- some found nowhere else in the world- you may see graceful rays. octopi, moray eels or white tip reef sharks.