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Should You Bring Your Dive Gear To Maui?


Your trip to Maui is booked and you are looking forward to some great diving while there. One trip planning decision is whether to pack your own scuba diving gear. Following are a few factors to take into consideration.  

Advantages of Bringing Your Own Gear

No Gear Rental Costs: You will definitely save money if you bring your own gear and don’t have to rent. Also, some shops have well-used rental equipment. Lahaina Divers not only offers professional AquaLung scuba gear, which you can view here, but we also rotate our inventory every 6 to 12 months, keeping all gear up to date. We also sell the almost-new gear we take out of rotation at a significant discount in our

Familiarity: Unless your gear is brand new, you will have built up a certain amount of familiarity with it. With rental equipment you will have to spend a few moments re-acquainting yourself where everything is, in case placement is slightly different that what you are used to.

Comfort & Fit: If you are of an unusual shape or size, you likely have custom gear that you are comfortable with. Otherwise check with the dive shop in advance to make sure you can be accommodated. Note: Lahaina Divers carries gear up to 2xx.

Advantages of Renting Gear

Well Maintained: This one can go either way. You are responsible for your own gear’s maintenance, making sure it is serviced and you have spare parts. On the other hand, you don’t know the condition of the gear you are going to rent. A good rule of thumb is to rent gear from a scuba diving shop with newer gear, and facilities to maintain their own gear, like Lahaina Divers.

Carrying: Consider you will schlep your own gear from the time you leave your house, to the airport, up and down stairs at your condo and in and out of the car. When you dive with us, we’ll take your rental gear right to the boat, and clean it up afterward!

Ease: Renting allows you to focus on your vacation- you won’t spend time sorting out your gear on arrival when you could be heading to the beach bar.

Cost: Scuba gear is bulky, and can eat up your baggage allowance, costing you an extra $50-$75 per flight.

Inappropriate gear: If your gear was purchased for a different geographical location, it may not be the best fit for Hawaiian waters. For example, our wet suits are lighter weight for warm tropical waters, and we pair a farmer john with a shortie for mild days or deeper dives.

Wet gear on the plane: Unless you don’t plan on diving the last few days of your vacation, your wetsuit and bc may be wet for the trip home, requiring additional post vacation care.

While there may be some cost savings to bringing your own gear, don’t let that be the deciding factor. Weigh the advantages and convenience of diving with newer, well maintained gear that is appropriate for diving conditions from a reputable local shop vs. your comfort level with your own gear.

Please give Lahaina Divers a call if you would like to discuss your equipment, what we have available, and what to bring for your Maui Dive Vacation. Our shop is open 7 days a week- 800-998-3483.

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