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❤️Bringing Romance Into Diving❤️

Couples diving can be very romantic. You are helping each other with your gear, taking the plunge together, and maybe holding hands underwater as you explore the reef. The moment you both spot a ray, shark or turtle is a shared experience not soon forgotten. Here are a few ideas to kick the romance up a notch while with your significant other.

dive gear

Surprise Your Mate with New Gear

If your lover is passionate about diving, he or she will gush when finding a surprise new piece of gear in their dive bag. It can be as simple as a mermaid printed padded mask strap so her lovely locks don’t get tangled. How thoughtful! Give us a call in advance with your ideas and we can help you pick something out from our extensive store inventory.

underwater engagement

Give an Underwater Gift

Underwater proposals are one way to surprise your partner. We recommend you have the ring securely tethered to a lanyard, or better yet, encased in a clear waterproof dive bag that can also contain your “Will you marry me?” sign. A ring is not the only gift you can bring along though. What else can you fit into a dive bag? A nice dive watch/computer for her birthday? Or maybe a picture of your dream home with a note “They accepted our offer?” Just make sure to clue in the booking staff and secretly inform the captain or your dive master ahead of time. They can advise on the best timing, so that you don’t impose on the schedule of other divers, and then be in on the congratulations after the big reveal.

scuba slate

Say it Underwater

Those dive slates can be used for more than communicating about your dive. Think about slipping in a silly romantic message, like “Out of all the fishes in the sea, you’re the one for me.” Or maybe a line of ocean related poetry from Jimmy Buffet. If you are single, you could reference our Facebook post of horribly corny pickup lines, like “You must be Nemo, because I have searched the ocean for you.” Just don’t blame us if you get fin slapped though, lol.  

waterproof speaker

Say it With Music

Have a special song, or maybe a short playlist for your special someone? How about a serenade during your surface interval using your cell phone and a mini waterproof bluetooth speaker? Your romantic gesture is a nice touch to let your person know that you love them and want their day to be special.

underwater photograper

Book an Underwater Photo Sesh

We can arrange for a photographer to memorialize your day with underwater images of your dive, marine life and some couple’s shots. And since you get digital images to take home, it’s a great way to remember an activity you both adore.

scuba couple

Keep it Simple

Maybe your relationship is not one for baubles or treats. But hand holding and being close on the dive boat and underwater with your partner is some of the sweetest romance of all.

Keep the Day Going

romantic ending

Stash a cooler of his or her favorite treats for after the dive, then hit the beach by harbor. Laze around on the sand or grass, watch the boats go in and out and reminisce about your day. Or head across the park for an early happy hour at a nearby Lahaina watering hole!