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The Ultimate Hammerhead Dive

Diving in a remote spot in the Pailolo Channel


With a view of the high sea cliffs of Molokai in the distance, divers embark on a challenging blue water dive around a small remote land mass. To get here, we’ve crossed the temperamental Pailolo channel, which is about 9 miles across at its narrowest point. Pailolo means “crazy fisherman,” referring to the channel’s status as one of the roughest in Hawaii. 


This remote, off shore site with a small islet creates one of the most unique dive sights in the world, frequented by Scalloped Hammerhead sharks. Swimming in large groups, sometimes numbering in the hundreds, makes it easier for the sharks to obtain food and larger prey near this blue water locale. Though aggressive hunters of marine life, hammerheads are not considered dangerous and are normally not aggressive towards humans. 


Though the hammerheads are what most divers would like to see, many other kinds of rare and interesting sea life has been spotted on this charter over the years including tiger sharks, oceanic black tip sharks and even thrasher sharks. The dives off of Mokuho’oniki rock are also home to unicorn fish, pyramid butterfly fish, yellow tangs, long nose butterfly fish, and occasionally a Hawaiian monk seal or two, as well as a host of other sea life. 

When you are ready, take our most adventurous dive, including a channel crossing, for a glimpse of the elusive and beautiful hammerhead shark. While not guaranteed, this one of the few sites on the planet where one can commonly witness hammerhead sharks in their natural habitat.