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Taking A Break From The News

When we see the beauty of Maui daily, it is hard to imagine troubles in the world. Today we take a deep dive into the beauty and majesty of nature– something we are accustomed to sharing with our community of divers. We feel so fortunate that we have the chance to center our work around the ocean every day, and know we will be returning there soon. At the same time, we greatly miss our instructors, captains and divermasters and retail charter crew- the professional, fun and sometimes motley crew that we love. Here are a few of our favorite pre-quarantine scenes ❤️

We take solace in knowing coral reefs, fish, sharks, whales and all creatures we share the ocean with do not bear the stress and burden of worrying about a global pandemic. They are thriving without us.

When we return to our diving adventures, let us take the compassion we have built up over our shared crisis and apply it to being good stewards of the ocean and marine life.

Maui will recover, in its own time, and Lahaina Divers will weather this storm, as we have many before. We look forward to welcoming you back when this season of incredible change starts to subside, for more adventures under the surface of Maui waters.

Credit for photos: Jules Cricchio