Sea Turtle Evolution

Look into the wizened face of a sea turtle while diving in Maui. Turtles, both sea and terrestrial, are some of the oldest species on the planet. Sea turtles belong … Read More

The Ultimate Hammerhead Dive

Diving in a remote spot in the Pailolo Channel With a view of the high sea cliffs of Molokai in the distance, divers embark on a challenging blue water dive … Read More

Deep Dive to Hawaii’s Sea Floor

deep water coral Hawaii

We thought you would enjoy a visual “slide trip” to the remote northwest Hawaiian islands to explore some unique creatures living on or near the deep sea floor. Starting with … Read More

Corals: The Foundation of the Reef

coral reef

Interesting fishes and marine mammals seem to garner our affection when diving and doing underwater photography in Hawaii. But there is an animal that is the foundation of the reef … Read More

Getting to Know Bottlenose Dolphins

bottlenose dolphin

Jumping high into the air in impossible acrobatic feats, and behaving curious and spirited underwater, bottlenose dolphins are a rare treat to observe on a dive charter. Living 40 to … Read More

Scuba Hand Signals- Maui Style

Lahaina Divers

Dive in to warm Maui waters and explore with us! There are quite a few scuba diving hand signals that are universally used, and some that are unique to Hawaii. … Read More

Healthy Hydration for Scuba Divers

diving hydration

Taking in hydrating fluids is not just a good practice, it’s essential for healthy scuba diving. Dehydration can be dangerous, but prevention is simple.