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Scuba Hand Signals- Maui Style

captain elliot

Dive in to warm Maui waters and explore with us! There are quite a few scuba diving hand signals that are universally used, and some that are unique to Hawaii. One that works above and below water is the shaka- made by extending your thumb and pinkie and rotating your wrist.

Often used as a greeting, shaka means “hang loose,” and is a happy sign that everything is good.


scuba signals

Of course, all divers should be well versed in safety signals. When you first enter the water, your dive guide will want to know you are ok by flashing the “ok” sign, and you are expected to respond “ok” unless there is a problem. Communication between you and your dive buddy is not only critical for safety, but to also point out interesting sites that one or the other might have missed. So, while you are exploring, keep an eye on your partner.

Marine Life Signals

When diving around Maui, you might want to brush up on a few hand signs related to the marine life you might encounter. Here is a pictorial view.

Marine Animal Hand Signals

Safety Signals

There are over 200 common diving signs, and you don’t have to have them all memorized to go diving, but at least make sure you are familiar with the a few critical ones- including ones to indicate you are low or out of air- and others.

diving hand signals

The staff of Lahaina Divers wants everyone to enjoy their dives and to dive often! We hope to see you back on Maui soon, and don’t forget to book early for the December holiday season!

This one means “moose ahead!” (just kidding)