Deep Dive to Hawaii’s Sea Floor

deep water coral Hawaii

We thought you would enjoy a visual “slide trip” to the remote northwest Hawaiian islands to explore some unique creatures living on or near the deep sea floor. Starting with … Read More

UW Photography Tips and Etiquette

Maui underwater photography

As underwater photography booms in popularity, we have a few tips to get the best shot on your Maui dive, respect marine life and fellow divers.

Scuba Hand Signals- Maui Style

Lahaina Divers

Dive in to warm Maui waters and explore with us! There are quite a few scuba diving hand signals that are universally used, and some that are unique to Hawaii. … Read More

Why You Should Take the Family Diving

Family Scuba Diving

Family vacations are much anticipated, especially when visiting a fun-filled destination like Maui. Scuba diving is an excellent activity that family members of different ages and abilities can enjoy together … Read More